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Feel The Fear … And Do It Anyway Corporate Training System

The Feel The Fear Training System – Why does it work?

Feel The Fear … And Do It Anyway Corporate Training System is based on the landmark change management work of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. The book is consistently rated as one of the top ten books for business decision-making. The material challenges traditional fear-based approaches in the workplace and replaces this with a 21st century culture of openness, collaboration, meaning and positivity. By directly addressing the core underlying causes of issues at work, our training allows employees to become both more productive and more fulfilled. Re-engineering the traditionally competitive and divisive workplace culture to one of open communication is imperative for the 21st century global economic climate. The new model allows employees to be proactive, committed, and caring about colleagues and the community. Self-discovery, self-awareness and being respectful with each other equals increased morale, enthusiasm and commitment. Feel the Fear Training helps to eliminate the “What’s in it for me?” culture, replacing these attitudes with a collaborative and supportive model. When everyone is behaving from a position of courage and reduced fear, then productivity and efficiency take over. The material supports each individual to accept change rather than resisting it. Experience shows that embracing change results in increased productivity, improves the financial results of the company and empowers each individual to commit to the goals of the organisation. We help our clients to think about ROI by looking at data, including both quantitative elements like output, productivity and efficiency, quality of work, staff retention, production costs, and absenteeism as well as more qualitative results like work habits and office climate, employee initiative and capacity, teamwork and collaboration, drive for professional development and advancement, customer satisfaction, and community and investor image. Feel the Fear Training is led by a global network of highly qualified and dedicated instructors personally approved to spread the wisdom and guidance from the landmark work Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® and its sequels.

Key Targets

Embrace Change

As humans it is natural to resist change because change represents the unknown. Our ego does not like the unknown because it questions our ability to survive – therefore resisting change is our protection mechanism. However, resistant employees can sabotage the changes the organization wants to implement. Our training teaches employees to embrace the unknown. Once an employee realizes they can handle the unknown they are empowered to take personal responsibility and be part of the changes, making creative and innovative suggestions, helping your organization succeed.


Research shows that supporting employees with their mental health is not only the right thing to do but can also be one of the most profitable activities a business undertakes Willingness to invest in employee mental health helps staff to re-engage. The organization benefits from increased employee satisfaction and increased enthusiasm in their role – leading to overall company growth. This growth is measured in higher retention and lower turnover; higher productivity; increased profitability; less absenteeism, and increased employee loyalty. Investing in the Feel the Fear Training System sends a clear message to your employees, that you care about them as an employee and are also prioritizing their mental and emotional wellbeing. This training system isn’t just about teaching them how to do their job better; it is about empowering them to manage their stress.


Changes to roles and responsibilities within organizations can create uncertainty and fear. However, fears are incomplete views of what is actually happening – which can create office gossip. Sadly, fear-mongering like this can cost the organization time and money as they focus on people issues rather than the positive processes that are trying to drive change. Our training helps employees identify the fears triggered by change and allows employees to reality test their own fears through empowered action, such as having honest conversations or seeking out the true reality of what is really happening. Once the staff feels more empowered, they can then re-focus on the organisations goals and objectives.


The challenges of the modern workplace can cause staff to feel overwhelmed and disengage. When employees feel de-motivated this can affect morale, performance, and profits and failure to achieve their targets, Our training course addresses the reasons why they have disengaged and teaches staff how to take personal responsibility to commit to their role and responsibilities.


To run a successful business, leaders and employees need to be pulling in the same direction. However, in today’s competitive corporate society, challenges are part of the journey and it’s easy for employees to become overwhelmed leading to a culture of anxiety and fear. Our training course enables employees to overcome their anxieties and move forward confidently and successfully. This is achieved through owning and recognizing the nature of their doubts and fears.

Creativity and Innovation

When we are fearful of change, we become overwhelmed by anxiety and emotion. Rationale and logic disappear, and our work environment can become fraught with tension and anger. Our training system educates all employees on how to balance both their creative and innovative selves with more logical linear thinking, resulting in an employee who operates from a more balanced reality.

Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility for our behavior in the workplace is essential for our own personal development, and for the growth of the organization. Blaming others such as another department or other people in the organization, including management, means the focus is taken away from achieving the goals of the organization. Our training empowers employees to stop blaming and start owning. Once employees own their inaction or negative attitude, then they can choose to change their behavior, resulting in positive affirming results for all.

Handle Challenges

Employees, including team leaders, may fear they do not have the intellectual savvy and skills to make the right decisions at the right time. Fear of criticism, failure, and conflict can prevent decisions from being made, resulting in procedural stagnation, preventing the organization from moving forward. Our training equips employees with the courage to make decisions knowing they can handle the illusional fears in existence. Once an employee realizes they can handle their inner fears whilst remaining focused on the organization then productivity will occur.

Honest Conversations

Honest conversations are often needed in the workplace but are equally avoided. This is due to the individual having fears about the consequences of having such a conversation. Fears of not wanting to upset others, be seen as a bully or even not being liked by the other person can prevent these conversations from taking place. Our training teaches all employees how to have an honest conversation, which is kept positive, productive, and beneficial to all involved. This is achieved through each staff member taking responsibility for how they deliver the content of the conversation, ensuring a satisfactory outcome for all concerned.

Personal Development

Employees who have a positive home life bring their best self into the workplace, ensuring increased productivity and less absenteeism. The Feel the Fear Training System empowers individuals to make decisions that improve their life at work and at Our training teaches employees to understand how life experiences are causing their anxieties, and the actions needed to resolve these frustrations – leading to improved workplace performance and harmonious home life too.


Employees are individuals, meaning that they all have different value systems. It is therefore understandable that leaders struggle to know how to motivate all of their team members. Our training passes the responsibility of motivation to the individual since it not only allows the employee to name their reason for being de-motivated but also gives them permission to take action to resolve the frustrations, which are the root cause of the de-motivation.

Productivity and Performance

Employees facing company restructure or redundancy are troubled by anxiety and fear. Staff faced with uncertainty can easily become overwhelmed with emotion preventing productivity and performance. When staff are overwhelmed, they spend more time worrying about their survival, rather than completing their tasks. Teaching employees how to manage their worries, whilst still focusing on their role ensures your organization survives the changes the economy is demanding.

What is the process of the Feel The Fear Corporate Training System?

Our three-part customised approach ensures that our training meets the needs and outcomes of your organization. Additionally, Feel the Fear’s stand-alone approach makes it simple to integrate into any organization’s overall training strategy.


Collaborating with our client, we will evaluate the issues and challenges that our training will address, ensuring desired results. Our training is tailored to motivate and inspire the participants to deliver increased value for our client. We will have clear outcomes set at the start of the training.

Design and Delivery

We believe in learning through group interaction facilitated by instructor-led training. Grounded in the personal and interactive nature of Susan Jeffers’ teaching, our training engages every participant and encourages a sense of teamwork. Each individual will complete an action plan at the end of their session that can be used in their performance reviews.


We are committed to continuing assessment, designing customized follow-up sessions and evaluating ROI for our clients. We also offer ongoing support to ensure that the culture change derived from Feel the Fear Training continues for the long term.

Who can gain benefit from using the Feel The Fear Corporate Training System?

Whether your company is facing industry pressures, internal changes, declining performance, poor communication, leadership issues, low employee morale, or outside competition, our training is designed to help you meet these challenges and become more effective.

Government Agencies and Private Sector

We offer an ideal solution to the challenges of tightening budgets, escalating demands for services, and the difficulty of finding and retaining good personnel. Our solutions are well-suited to addressing challenges in human resources, client service, and change management.


Whether your team needs help with leadership development, employee morale, collaborative planning, managing accountability, team-building, or more effective instruction, Feel the Fear is here to help with the unique challenges of primary, secondary, and higher education. Feel the Fear also offers a unique training opportunity for students in high school, College and University. Bringing the Feel the Fear training into an educational setting can help address issues of bullying and harassment, as well as personal and character development.


Feel the Fear Training results in improved employee performance, better patient relationships, increased management effectiveness, and more productive and motivated staff at all levels—all while ensuring clients achieve outcomes and targets set by government authorities.

Not for Profit

We provide solutions for team development and staff retention, helping your organization improve communication and unlock staff and volunteer potential. Our training helps develop creative environments to find the best solutions and develop effective programmes, to inspire new fundraising initiatives, and to generate sustainable income streams.

What do people say about the Feel the Fear Training System?

“Put simply, The Feel the Fear Training System’ works for our brand, for our people and for our business. Feel the Fear’s approach engenders a sense of ownership that comes out in work and personal life, delivering business benefits that I have never seen from any other form of training.”

“Feel The Fear Corporate Training System is the training course of the future. We needed something to help build team cohesiveness and help our staff build their self- confidence to become more creative. Within days I noticed a difference in my team, from their attitude to each other, commitment to ensuring that the business achieved their objectives and the positivity that rubbed off on customers. This is a course that actually delivers. Feel the fear and see your business become more profitable!”

“I really enjoyed the session as did everyone else. It was interesting to see how some were moved out of their comfort zone and how issues were brought back into focus for them. The great thing about the Feel the Fear strategies is that they helped give everyone the skills to deal with the challenges they are facing”

Feel The Fear … And Do It Anyway Training System Modules

Module 1: Understanding the underlying reasons why you may be feeling stuck or stagnant in some areas of your professional life. Learning the five principles of courage to initiate positive change.

Module 2: Learning how to move from a sense of helplessness to empowerment by building awareness on how you relate to yourself, others and the workplace environment.

Module 3: Taking responsibility & accountability for your professional and personal life.

Module 4: Behaving with positive intent and moving from passive to assertive behaviour making powerful decisions. Creating appropriate boundaries to ensure a more positive environment and support system to aid your personal growth.

Module 5: Finding balance and purpose and learning from life.

Module 6: Reflection on Feel the Fear program strategies and implementing an action plan.

The original author of the Feel the Fear Training System

Much-loved author and leading self-help authority Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. first captured the world’s attention over thirty years ago with her acclaimed book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®. This material is grounded in scientific research of understanding human behaviour.

Being able to help individuals move past their inner fears allows them to be creative, innovative and not fearful of making decisions – this is why this material is the perfect training to help your employees take responsibility to achieve their key objectives. Susan is best known for her teachings on overcoming fear, improving communication and moving forward in life with a sense of total confidence. Her work has been translated into over 37 languages with multiple bestsellers and total sales in the millions. A renowned workshop leader and celebrated speaker, Susan has taught Feel the Fear courses and workshops in many countries around the world to small groups and audiences of thousands. She changed lives both in the personal and corporate arenas. The overwhelming demand for workshops prompted her to start licensing qualified trainers to teach workshops in order to touch as many lives as possible. Remaining consistent with the concepts of her work, each trainer is committed professionally to teaching her work in a life-affirming, spiritual and joyous manner in accordance with her trademark attitude to life.

Next Steps

If you would like to meet with me, Sandra Gorman, a qualified instructor to have a free consultation on how the Feel The Fear Corporate Training System can improve efficiency and team morale in your organisation, please email at

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