Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By accepting the terms and conditions clients agree to comply with the following:

◙ Clients must be over 18.
◙ Clients have read and agree to the policy on terms and conditions and understand their implications.
◙ Clients have completed and submitted the New Client Information Form to GOYOᑌ in its entirety prior to their first session.
◙ Clients agree that the use of the service is for online wellbeing services and not a clinical mental health service.
◙ Clients are not permitted to record sessions under any circumstances.
◙ Clients accept that the publication of details pertaining to sessions must not be undertaken without the prior written consent of GOYOᑌ.
◙ Clients accept that contact between the client and GOYOᑌ take place within the session, the only exceptions being for the purpose of cancellation or rescheduling or as per contracted by client and GOYOᑌ.
◙ Clients agree to disclose honestly their medical history and all current medications.
◙ Clients understand that this is not a free service and that all sessions are subject to payment in advance.

Different country? Not an issue for availing of GOYO support. The calendar application allows you to view availability and book an appointment in your current time zone.

Prices vary depending on the type of session required. The current prices are as follows:

Individual Sessions (or Mother-Daughter Couple): AED 520

Group Programs 

Prices are calculated based on the duration of the workshops. Tailored packages can be arranged where you have your own group. For example: schools, corporate and healthcare.

All payments are made with credit card through Stripe at least 48 hours prior to the appointment time.
In cases where  credit card through Stripe is not an option, alternative payment options can be arranged at the discretion of GOYO. In addition, Euro payments can be made via bank transfer.

The format for online wellbeing is the same as a traditional face to face session. The session begins at the allotted time with Sandra opening the Zoom call. You will have been provided the Zoom link to join. The sessions are led via the chosen themes for both individual and group programs and can be expanded upon. There will usually be some follow up action plans for clients to complete between sessions to help them develop further.

GOYO provides professional wellbeing support. Themes focus on personal growth and on the life challenges that come our way in four key areas:  Life Coaching, Conscious Parenting, Mother-Daughter Coaching and Mindful Living. GOYOᑌ is right for anyone who is looking to improve their mental health well-being and daily lives.

You must be 18 years of age or older to access GOYO services.

It is important to note that GOYO is NOT a clinical mental health service and does not address clinical concerns and disorders. However, GOYO can provide suitable referral options for an individual upon request. Should it become apparent during a session that a client may need other services, they will agree to being put in contact with / referred to a mental health professional.

Having an individual life coaching session online means time with me where I focus entirely on you and what’s going on in your life and relationships, collaboratively identifying areas of exploration. My style of working is conversational and results-oriented. Together we will explore the themes and issues that are important to you and impacting your life. You may want to explore specific challenges in your current life or have noticed repeating patterns that are having a negative impact on your personal growth and inner peace.

Addressing the themes above, groups will also be running whereby a group of 8-10 adults maximum will come together for a similar theme with the goal of helping each other to move forward. The groups will run for a period of 4, 6 or 8 weeks that will be run periodically throughout the year. Suitable for people wanting a shared experience with other people experiencing similar challenges and wanting to inform themselves further with a supportive group.

If an individual appointment is cancelled for a genuine* reason 48 working hours before an appointment there will be no charge. However, if multiple appointments are cancelled, GOYO retain the right to charge for cancelled appointments.

All appointments cancelled within the last 48 working hours before an appointment, will be charged as it will be deemed too late to offer it to someone else.

Group program appointments will not be refunded for non-attendance.

*Medical emergency, bereavement or similar.

If you think something else could be added to these Frequently asked questions (FAQ) that would be hepful for others, please email GOYOU with our suggestions to info@getoutofyourownwasy.com